2012 Raj Christ Jesus Video & Transcript Teachings On A Course In Miracles (ACIM)...
A Raj Cast Study Group Production byNorthwest Foundation For ACIM

The following videos and transcripts come from ACIM Study Group lessons given directly by Raj Christ Jesus through Paul Tuttle, a most humble man who is simply assisting Christ as he has been so requested (hopefully, if asked, you would consider helping in the similar way).  To appreciate Paul's willingness more deeply, please see Paul's Story Link if for any reason you're hesitant to believe or find this troubling.

MORE INFO & LIVE RAJ CAST: For more about the Foundation from which they operate, please visit www.nwffacim.org.  Watch "live" internet streaming Study Group messages given by Christ Jesus most every weekend. VIDEO STUDY GROUP SUBJECT MATTER: Since 2002, Raj Christ Jesus has been teaching Study Groups on His book, "A Course In Miracles"...(See 2002 Links to start at Chapter 1).  More info is located under ACIM Link, called "About The Course" . All of the activities of the Foundation are provided without charge or obligation.

The work here at the CelestialRealm.com is a completely independence and a guided undertaking and unified loving effort given in support of Raj Christ Jesus and those in service at Northwest Foundation For “A Course in Miracles”. May your loving discernment bring you God's Peace.
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Posting here will be made within 24 hours of new teachings being made available to the public.  All work by Raj Christ Jesus and the wonderful NWFFACIM is provided without charge or obligation. However, your donations are welcomed as a gift of help share this work with your brothers and sisters.

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NOTE: This year begins in Chapter 16 and ends in Chapter 17, Sparkly Book Pg. 429 + . Other books referenced in transcripts.