2002 Study Groups - "THE BEGINNING" of ACIM Study Group with Jesus
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Introduction: Jesus, endearingly referred to as Raj is his disertations here (see more about this), began His personal Study Group teaching on His book, "A Course In Miracles" at the Northwest Foundation for ACIM.  In a group setting, they began with Chapter 31 in the Text book titled "Walking With Christ" (transcripts show page numbers).  After completing two sessions, they began reading out of the book on August 7th, 2002.  They started at the very beginning of the book, with the Introduction.

Prior to beginning a direct book study, Jesus would channel through Paul doing gathering around the world (see gathering pages)
August 7th, 2002 Below, Begins With The Text Book's "Introduction". It's encouraged that you experience the first two sessions above before starting listening and reading the at the beginning of the book. 
NOTE: This year, 2002, began with Chapter 1, ACIM Text, ends in Chapter 2.
*The mike was accidentally shut off during the study of principles 14-32