A Course In Miracles (ACIM)

As Promised by Christ Jesus
This link of the Celestial Realm is dedicated to sharing the wonderful works of Christ Jesus and to thank him for the fulfillment of a promised he made as recorded in the bible as follows:

John 16:25; Christ Jesus said, “These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs [or parables]: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs [or parables], but I shall show you plainly of the Father.”

In the ACIM and His hundreds of personal teaching Study Groups and Gatherings shared throughout this site,
you will find He does exactly this.  Christ Jesus speaks very plainly of the Father and Your relationship with Him and The Christ.  He clearly articulates the insanity of "mans will" in contrast to the Father's Will.  It is here that you discover there are 'two worlds' of thought, two creations.  One is an illusionary world, a dream world that man created, in which He calls the ego (the little will of man full of fear, in separation, in a dream state of being that 'God did not create').  And the other true world is the one God created, where you know and remember fully that you are just as God created You as His Child, completely free of sin, sickness and death! Here, you are Awakened to being fully conscious that you are just as God created you, full of Love, Light, Peace and Joy... ever connected to Your Creator, forever full of Miracles and Eternal Life.

Through His Teaching, working through Paul, you will find more fulfillment of this promise.  From the Celestial Realms (the Heavenly Realms of God),  Christ continues His plain teachings of the Father, as given through our dear Brother, Paul Tuttle, (who literally volunteers His body vehicle, like in the movie Avatar, as an instrument for Christ Jesus to talk and teach through).  Through the drop down links under the ACIM one, you will find Paul's story (See Paul's story) and other links of Christ Jesus' teaching going back as far as 1986. 

You will find here at the Celestial Realm well over 200 hours of video recording where Christ Jesus is explaining in perfect 'plain language' how to embrace your salvation, the Love of God within, in a most magnificent and beautiful way. 

You can even see Him "teaching live" if you like: Most every weekend, Christ Jesus teaches through Paul in a live streaming forum produced by the NW Foundation for ACIM.  Announcements of dates and times are sent weekly by email to His ACIM students around the world.  To receive email announcements of these sessions, visit and sign up at the NW Foundation  website for announcements and times. Trust us, you will be glad you did!

We throughout the Celestial Realms and our many Earth agents of the Christ Light who have joined with Christ in His Heaven on Earth vision, like Christos (the curator of this site), welcome all those willing to help bring about Heaven's experience for all on Earth to enjoy!  To learn more about how, we suggest you start with Christ' teachings in His course..."A Course In Miracles".  The truth is, it is a required course, as your true purpose in Life is to learn "The Meaning of God's Perfect Love!"
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