You see, there are a few billion of your fellow brothers and sisters who completely and out rightly continue to live in and under the master of judgment and separation, given its power through the dragon of fear.

Yet, they are not at fault, as their minds and thoughts were poisoned by generations past and society as a whole, sadly imprisoning them in the blinding darkness of separation. Thus, we have work to do... seeing the truth in them until they can see it and believe it for themselves. This is why we are here. This is why you have come as well.

Is God there with them who suffer in fear? Most certainly! What can you do to help end the fear, helping them to see and experience their connection to Gad again? You need simply join God in seeing the truth in them, seeing their Perfection as a Child of God!
Who We Are?

First, you should know we are here to help you usher in Heaven on Earth, as this is our Father's Will.

We are your brothers and sisters in Christ, the same Christ within you, all One Family in living, working, being all an expression of the One Loving God Force of Love and Life.

We work with and through other divine brothers and sisters on Earth, such as Christos here... who is working with us in the fulfillment of God's Will to bring forth into mass awareness the Heavenly Consciousness of the 5th Dimensional Realm. It is a realm of awareness already here...but like another world to you, until of course it is fully realized. Once it is, all will be on Earth, as it is in Heaven and as you would say… “the Lord's Prayer Fulfilled!”

We also work with others of your family, other Ones you call Angels, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and Light Beings throughout the celestial realms. This includes a whole host of wonderful Christ Light Extra Terrestrial (ET) friends from the many galaxies... from the many tribes of all God's Children throughout His vast universe!

What will it take to make Heaven on Earth?
Well, many of you will be happy to know we are already in process of making it happen. We now ask for your help to complete the process so that there is as little disruption or birthing pains with Mother Earth and your brothers and sisters. And the best way you do this is by wakening up yourself!

Who We Are... A Video Overview