How To Join In With Our Vision?

As Celestial hosts, it is our vision that the world be in perfect harmony and perfect synchronicity with God's Perfect Love.  We see and thus create everything just as God sees it.  It doing so, it is "Our Will Be Done".

You have a choice to join us in this vision or choose otherwise. One day all will join in the realization of this one truth. When you do, you will experience all as we do. In this way, we seek the same thing, Heaven on Earth.

How can you help? By joining us in our vision. Open yourself up to seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit within you.  See all as He would see it.  Allow His Will to be your will.  Anything less is only an illusion created by a lost child of Mother/Father God.  Know this and you join us.  Know this and you meet us with a common vision.

Be still.  Allow God to be God in Your Life.  Allow God’s thoughts to be your thoughts.  Open to the thoughts He holds out to you.  This is our vision, Spirit’s vision and the expression of Love moving through you, as the real you, forever and ever.  Embrace Heaven now.  It is a thought away.  Practice it, Master It, all throughout your day.  It is the joy in the smile of a child, the same child that lives within you.  Allow God to be God in Her fullness within you.  Let go! Surrender your old thoughts …allow yourself to be renewed by the living Spirit breathing and experiencing the new world within you, through you and as you!

Join us dear one.  Know that we are here behind your every thought. Know that we Love you! Know that Mother/Father God Loves You!  You own the Kingdom of God within you.  It is your birthright as His child.

Every thought counts.  Every thought creates.  Be conscious of this beloved one.  Focus on creating Love in all your activities and it is Love’s presence, Heaven's Presents, you will create.  This is our vision for you. Will you join us?

If you are just beginning to tap into this new awareness, be gentle with yourself.  Your journey has taken you a long way.  Choose with gentleness and if you slip, simply choose again.  Be aware of your choices, for they are the foundation of your vision – your power to create and experience the power of God’s Love or continued illusion.  Peace or frustration, Unity or separation.  Choose wisely by only choosing God.  If you are not sure, chose God.  If you are not clear, choose God.  If you get angry, choose God.  If you’re happy, keep choosing God.

Practice choosing to see "God's Truth" in everything
​by willingly giving up, forgiving, your perceptions of
​truth. Practice this and you will see your natural
​"talent" of awareness, of God's Presence, come
​fully into being what it is in you.  With practice,
​you will begin to see a new world, a world the
​way God See It! 

Choose God in your every thought and
​y​ou have joined in our vision.

Choose God and you have chosen Love.

In Love… we remain…

Your Celestial Friends and Family

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