The Great Awakening

We are right on the cusp of End Times... time to awaken to the truth of our true nature as Children of God, Children of the Universe, Children made in the Image and Likeness of a most Powerful Force of Perfect Love moving through us!

The good news is God is now bestowing upon His Earth, and the whole of His children called the human race, the celestial lights of His Love like never before! As foretold long ago, it is time for us all to awaken to seeing the truth, to awaken to the deeper truth long blocked from being experience within us. Yet this light is not that of your 'typical dream light'... like the sun passing through your window in the morning or the switch of your lamp beside your bed. This light is a force of celestial love that is gently filling the consciousness of mankind from the inside
out... transforming our very DNA by accelerating the frequency of life forces that support the life within each of us. As it moves through us, it gently brings forth awareness that something is subtlety changing us... where we are sensing that something is up... and not quite right with our world.

Slowly but surely, the enlightened awareness that was long blocked by the shadows with our fear ridden dream state, is moving through and bringing forth a new awakened awareness of new potentials, and the truths of the old shadow-creations we made are coming into light and being seem with crystal clear clarity. All of a sudden we are seeing the sickness of fears, sin, and its sickening illness and ultimate death to the glory of our spiritual true self... we are seeing the true nature of our world, so full of fear’s shadows that propagate greed, control, lies, and covered-up darkness of our brothers. We are all beginning to see just how insane and dishonest the world "we create" really is... and how disgustingly sick it makes us all feel.

Yet, we need not over react!  While many are seeing clearly what is going on, the rest will soon follow if we join The Christ and seeing it all done!  We must complete our own awakenings… so that we see our own ‘keys’ within each of us. These keys are now critical as they help unlock the door for others!  Conversely, attacking our brothers only adds power to the shadows… making it darker and deeper insane.  Like God has given us a new enlightenment to cast upon our own shadows, we need to pass this same mantle to all our brother who still suffer from the poison of the shadows of evil lurching within them.

So, let it be understood that the word "End" is used here because we are ending the dream sleep spell we have been living life under, a dream where we keep creating a reality other than Perfect Love, the Perfect Creation as God created us, where our forefathers decided one day long ago to separate from "knowing God is the expression of life within us".  Let us share with them in every way we are so guided, the Light and Love that they are… and that in the Kingdom domain of God’s Thoughts, ALL are seen as Perfect Creations!

All this is explained in greater detail throughout this site... within the videos messages shared through Healing link, or as given by The Christ under the ACIM (A Course In Miracles) link.

Heaven of Earth
So to summarize, Heaven on Earth, God's Will be done, is actually something humankind simply needs to awaken to within them as it has always been there.  God has never held the experience of Heaven back from His children.  How could He?   Why would He?  What sense would it make for our Father Creator to hold back something so glorious from His children? After all, God is Perfect Love!  And being Perfect Love, it would never hold back Love for Love is only Love with it is extended… for it is Infinite, Ever Abundance, and never, ever lacking!

Now we know, some will say… but what of God’s Judgment, His wrath upon His Children? To this we simply say, how can Perfect Love be anything but Perfect Acceptance?  Free will does, on the other hand, provide for a place of judgment, but this judgment only comes forth in the form of shadows… saying “this is less and this is more”.  Whereas, God does give us choice to choose light or darkness, love or hate, pain or health, suffering of wellness… so this could be considered a ‘judgment of our choices’… but is it not still our free will to live one or the other?  He always holds out the choice of Perfect Love to each and All.  Never has it been otherwise.  Never will it be either.  Thus, it is ‘we’ who have the power to judge our choices, to judge the contrast of which world we choose to live in…and with this, we are given the power of choice, the power to create Love or fear, Light or darkness. One is our awakening to the truth of God’s Kingdom, the other is a choice to sleep in our own created darkness.

Now you know, the truth is Heaven is here and we just are not seeing it? Why? Because we are asleep to the experience of it... dreaming our lives away in the realm man created, the son of man’s way of thinking, made in his image of shadow-sin, sickness and death.

Awakening is becoming the Greatness of who we are… here is wisdom... seek and you shall find, Love and you will be an Expression of God!

Cliff Notes:
Time to wake up!  Time to end  mankind’s duality dream of good and evil. Time to see God's Love is all there is, the only real choice if all the insanities and madness around the world are to end.

The forces of light are coming in like never before seen, assisting in expanding our awareness so that truth is clearly seen.

The enlightened awareness that now comes through bringing forth crystal clear clarity and understanding like never  before experienced. The work of the Christ Light warriors are doing the work for all, shinning forth their light upon all remaining shadows.

This new light is changing us right down to our DNA, as we prepare to leap from the 3rd to 5th dimensions, where service to others, the love of others, is expressed and experienced as Oneness with all that is. All is explained in greater detail under the ACIM link here.

So “the end” is actually a new beginning in a fifth dimensional realm or a new quantum state of time… here is where the Eternal "Now Moment" is clearly seen and experienced as Christ Mastery walking within us all.

Heaven on Earth comes shortly thereafter for the dragon of fear will be chained once and for all. All will return to its beginning, all will return to the way God created it, all will come into the awareness that we are All One In God.

"In the morning, as a child, your mom or your dad came in and said, “Wake up! Wake up!” Don’t talk about waking up anymore. Wake up! It’s a choice, it’s an act and it takes a commitment on your part. Make the commitment, act, and your day will open up to you. Your good will open up to you. It is a promise already set in place—an irrevocable promise. A promise that is an act of love that surpasses anything you can imagine."

Raj Christ Jesus
Dec. 2nd, 2006 ACIM Study Group