Your Intentions And God

Imagine for a moment, that you are a fully conscious Son or Daughter of the One who created the Universe. Your Father created all the vastness of space and your Mother created all the vastness of nature. Together they birthed the whole Cosmos.

After they finished creating the Universe, they created you.

You became their child, born into the full awareness of “who you are”.

You were born as heir to all the Kingdoms of Heaven, Earth and Life itself.

Not only did your Mother and Father create all that exists, their powers to create were born in you. Just as you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you too possess the power to create anything you desire, just as your Mom and Dad did.

Imagining this, what would you create, next?

In your answer lies a choice and with this choice… you set your intention into motion. Perhaps, for now, it is still an idle intention much like a dormant seed, with great potential to grow and bear fruit, yet resting on a rock instead of being planted in the fertile soil of conscious awareness.

As your Mother and Father created, so do you. How powerfully you create is solely born from the clarity of your every thought and the awareness of “who you really are”. The more aware of who you are, the stronger your ability to create and manifest your intentions.

Now, imagine that for generations, you and your ancestors have been asleep to this awareness.

It all began with the thought…that they were less than what they really were; that they were not heir to any kingdom, that they were just a limited son or daughter of man. They lived in a dream. They began living a lie. But where did it begin?

In the beginning, your Divine Creator showed your ancestors that on the tree of life there was one branch of choice to always avoid. He told them, that if they ever chose this branch, they would lose their power. They would be co-creators no more, for they would forget Spirit as their Loving Source. They would believe that they were separate from Father/Mother God.

Father gave them this choice out of Love. It was the gift of free will. To give this gift, which fully empowered His children, He too had to give them every possible choice. Otherwise, there would be no true individual liberty, independence and freedom. The tree of such a life could not be limited – for how could She as infinite creator, create the limited? His children’s freedom had to come without any limits of choice.

He warned them not to climb out on this tree limb of separation. Being the naturally curious and infinitely creative children that they were, they chose to anyway.

This branch of thought we speak of now is called ‘fear’. The toxic fruit growing from these branches have diseased your mind with fear, doubt, worry and forgetfulness of who you really are. This in turn begets a child that is lost in the mind of illusion. It has blinded you to the power of Perfect Love within you, though never completely, or by no means permanently.

Yet the mistake was made. Your ancestors chose the branch of fear in the midst of all possible thoughts and choices; and in so doing, began reaping the bitter fruits of this choice. The result: they forgot their Divinity. In their forgetting, they never taught you of yours.

So today, your Divinity is lost in the mistaken choice made generations ago. Your awareness of who you really are lies dormant, asleep and untapped. In reality, you now walk in the dreams of your ancestor’s mistaken choice. Know, now, that nothing has changed from your Mother and Father God’s point of view. Though time has passed, their Perfect Love hasn’t.

You still are just as they created you. Perfect! Powerful! Filled With Their Love!

You still have the same choice your ancestors had. Each new moment, you are faced with two conflicting choices – to remember who you are or to eat of the diseased fruit from the branch of fear and separation. Choose the truth and you choose Perfect Love. Then you will realize your power. Choose the branch of fear and you continue to dream in the world of your own unreality. What will be your choice? Where do you choose to place your intentions? God or Fear?

Choose Love and your seeds of thought create and grow from the fertile fields of Perfect Love. Choose fear and your seeds may still grow, but will grow into experiences tainted from soil poisoned by darkness and contaminated by limitation.

This is the essence of intention. How will you set yours?

Serve the branch imprisoning your mind and you have gained the freedom of Perfect Love. Continue to feed off of fear and you imprison yourself, your children and the generations to come. The mistake is only yours to make. It is only yours to correct. It can be corrected but you must choose to do so with pure, uncontaminated intentions with Perfect Love - it is your only choice.

Let go of your fears and the poisonous resentments of life, for in doing so, you free up your creative power. Hold onto the diseased branch and soon it will contaminate your tree of life. One mistaken choice and you limit your infinite powers.

Daily, hourly, each minute and every second, you choose Heaven or Hell, Light or Darkness, Realization or Illusion. There is no in-between. Only one master can you serve with your every thought.  This is your lesson in life. Learn how to always choose Love.  And if you slip into the mistaken choice of fear, choose to choose again... by being gentle and loving to yourself.

In this moment lies the key to your Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Choose to open the lock on the door and you receive your true inheritance.  Set your intention to be free and Father/Mother God will see to it that it is done.  Ask of them and ye shall receive!  Know this in your heart of faith and soon you will experience it as the Love of God working in your life.

Set your intention to choose only Love.  Set your intention to be only as God created you.

Set your intention and be free!  Plant these seeds of pure intent in the fertile soil of Perfect Love.

By doing so, you will have rediscovered “who you really are” and “why you are here”.  By aligning your Mind with the Divine you can use conscious intention to co-create Heaven on Earth, right here and right now! No matter which you choose, we Love you! You are our brother, our sister and a most beloved child of Mother/Father Creator.

And so it is.

The Beings of Light…