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Great Tools found at A Course In Miracles Times, from Daily Inspirations, Internet Tool Bar, Screen Savers, etc. Really nice site including a lot of history on The Course.

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Free "Perfection Healing" process is a Lab Class for ACIM It's a simple process of connecting to your inner guidance and then under their guidance, removing the blocks to Love's Miracle Healing Flow. Based on "A Course in Miracles" principles. 

Paul Tuttle's Books, "You Are The Answer" and "Graduation, The End Of Illusions": Both the books were written in the early days of Raj Christ Jesus sharing with Paul. As such, they contain wonderful illuminations of truth and a great question and answer dialog Paul had with Jesus as they were being written. Both provide a wonderful foundation of understanding as the the dynamics of their relationship then and how it all began to unfold. 
Book, Master Teachings of the Far East  a great book for seeing, understanding, the ways of Mastery.
Emotional Freedom Technique Healing a wonderful healing modality