Lighten Up With God

The world of God is full of Light. Like a child at play, its truth lies in the holy instant of completely letting go of all thoughts that have no purpose in this moment of time.

So, what thoughts have purpose, right now?  How does one discern what thoughts belong in the “now time” and which ones don’t?  How does one choose which thoughts to embrace?

These questions and many others will come up as you ponder the subject at hand.  For the most part, they are simply the chatter of questions standing in the way of your discovery of the meaning of Love. Yes, The Meaning Of Love.

To “lighten up” is not an exercise, but rather an experience.  It is not something you do, but a way of being that embraces the Love and Peace of Pure Spirit.  It is where a continuous stream of awareness flows in your mind that echoes: “I am a part of the infinite nature of the God”.  A place where you literally feel Divine thoughts guiding you and dancing through your experience.  It is faith in action.   It is Love expressing through you.  It is allowing God to be God, through you and as you.  It is all this and more.

To Lighten Up is not about efforting, but rather about allowing the Love of God to move through you and the Light of God to shine through you. It whispers, “Relax”.  It demonstrates your willingness and your experience of “let go and let God”.  It says “Rest and Let God Be God”. Doing so is the essence of true humility.  The “God Is In Charge” attitude is thus a demonstration of “allowing the meek to inherit the earth”.  This “being meek” is actually your power and the greatness of your connection of God.  Then to actually be meek is to walk in the knowledge that Creator and you are actually family – He is Father and Mother and you are the child.  To accept this is to be meek. In your meekness lies not your weakness, but all your powers.

So relax! Lighten Up! Allow God to be God in your life!

The Darken Down attitude all boils down to arrogance: taking the position of “I run the Universe and this is the way things are”.  It demands that you try to “control everything” – sliced, diced, and packaged to your ego’s wishes. Not God’s, but yours.  It shows no honor.  It is actually dishonesty to one’s self. It denies the truth of Love and with it, your love becomes conditional and your perceptions become twisted.  Conditional love is its only nature – which is not love at all. It says: “if you do this or that just the way I expect it, I will love you”.  It doesn’t “set free”, it seeks to own, control and to limit.

Yet it is any child of God’s right to choose to hold such thoughts.  We honor their process.  We stand in the perfect awareness that they are and will always be, Perfect Children of God.  Yes, perhaps temporarily lost in the world of Darken Down, but yet still perfect in the Eyes of God.  Like in a dark room, they are blinded, yet in the presence of one standing in the Light, they will begin to see again.  This is why it is so important that you embrace the Light, not only for yourself, but you brothers and sisters.  Light removes the misguided perceptions of Darkness. Your Light!

Light stands in honor of darkness, knowing it is only a temporary state of being.  Light doesn’t judge, it enlightens.  It corrects blindness, providing the blind with eyes to see their way home.  It shows the way; demonstrating Joy, Happiness, Peace and Honor of another’s point of view.

Light, being the very nature of Spirit, illumines the way for others to follow.  Like the morning sun, it awakens everyone to the dawn of new beginnings.  Light is presence.  It only exists right now in this very Holy Instant.  Love is only concerned with the flow of creation in this very instant, one moment at a time.  It has no past references, insights or opinions.  It simply flows from moment to moment; without concern of past and future.  It is only present in the here and now.

This is why Jesus said: “You must be as a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”, for Jesus knows that all children stay in a state of “Lighten Up”.  They flow from moment to moment, seeing with eyes of Love.   They accept everyone.  This is the “Heaven on Earth” Jesus so gracefully asked that we all pray for. As each one of you chooses to “Lighten Up”, God’s Will is being done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  The key to make it happen, you now know.

Lighten Up and when you do completely, the world will see only Love with you and be full of your reflection of Joy!

Go forth now in gratitude.  Thank God for the Light shining through you, with you and into the hearts of all She sends your way.  When challenged, send forth this same Light as the Force of the Creator’s Love making clear your path.  Enjoy the adventure of each day and with childlike anticipation, know that Divinity has each one planned just for you.  She Loves You!  He knows only of your Light and knows that anything else is but a short dream of blinded vision. Awaken now and be the Light of the World that you are.  Smile. Beam.  Let go. Let God. The journey is yours to choose. Shine on.

We Honor You!

We Love You!

We God You!

Your Family Of The Celestial Realm.