Love Removes All Blocks

Perhaps it is time to Cleanse The Garden Of Your Soul. Perhaps it is time to begin removing the pebbles that have become boulders. Perhaps it is time to let go? Are you ready to begin again, to return to your innocence?

John the Baptist taught that to cleanse the soul you had to be baptized in water. By doing so, the water would wash away the pebbles blocking the flow of Love’s fullness through the hearts of man. Jesus taught that by the Grace of the Holy Spirit’s baptism, the Spirit would again become full.

After John’s transition back to our realm, the apostles of John argued with Jesus’ apostles (soon to become his teachers) about which baptism was proper? All they got from Jesus was that they should work it out themselves. The master knew that both, yet neither, were the only way. What He knew was only the truth, which is: “The key to cultivating the soil of one’s paradise garden is contained in the intent “to let Love do what Love only does”; expand, create and nurture the natural flow of God’s Thoughts (His Will). How it is done, does not matter. What it does, is all that matters.

What Love Does: Transforming Rocks To Sand.

Love transforms and removes blocks by turning them into what they are: Nothing! This is the fact of it all. They are No-thing in the mind of God.  He did not create them, you did.  He did not place them there, you did.  All are but simply mistakes in the minds of God’s children.  They were nonetheless placed there by your mistaken intention. Remember though, these thought-blocks are just thoughts.  They can be completely removed!

Yet don’t limit how this is done for the very nature of Love is infinite.  Thus, too are its expressions and its corrective powers. Jesus and Buddha know this.  All the Masters know it.  This is why they never judged another expression of creation.  They know all to be Love.

They know, too that Love is the energy of the Creator. This powerful, yet subtle energy of Love is often referred to as the Christ.  Its flowing presence moves through humanity all the time.  It is the Divine presence in you.  Thus it is unlimited, ever expanding, and forever changeless!  To place a limit on its powers is to place a limit on Infinite Source. Now decide.  Who runs the Universe?  You or God?

In meekness, let us take our place as grateful children of Mother/Father, God.  Let us allow ourselves to inherit the Earth with all our power.  Let Love express as God would have it express itself in our lives.  Let us hand over the corrections of all mistakes to Love.  May we allow Love to be Love, as God sees it and not as we would define it?

May we together allow everything to be as God sees it?  This is your faith in action.  Allow it to unfold into its fullness.  Allow it to be all that it is.  Acknowledge it by your active acceptance of creation just the way it is.  Accept and know God.  The shortest and simplest scripture in all bibles is ”God is Love”. If we deny it, we foster continued separation.

Ask for the ability to accept and you ask for Love.  Ask for the wisdom to acknowledge and you will walk in faith. Garden each day with the gratitude of Love and you will see a New World.  This is the truth we embody.  Will you join us?

Right now, in this very moment, let us begin again, then again in the next.  This is Love’s choice.  Will you allow it to be yours?

May we pray together?

Love, I acknowledge thy power is within me,
Love, I open myself to thy fullness
Love, may I be all that you would have me be.
May your power of Love… transform me!
May your Healing Power remove that within me, which is not of your perfection.
I surrender to Your Light,
I surrender to the Glory of our oneness,
I surrender to the Loving thoughts that move through me,
I let go and let Love be all that is within me.
I am Love.
I am Peace.
I am that which God has made perfect.
By Love I See,
By Love I Feel,
By Love I experience… All that I Am.
Thank you Love for All that I Am.
Thank you Love for my remembrance of my Likeness of God,
Thank you Love for All that is.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Love!


And so by this passage of prayer… I am that I am. I am Love itself.

And by this Love… I am all that I am.

And so it is that we are One Mind. One Heart.

One Love.

We Love You!

The Celestial Realm