Doing Good

“Do good” and in so doing, know God’s hands have become your hands.

God’s way of thinking is simple.  In contrast, man’s ways makes complex. God’s thoughts for you flow one at a time, moment by moment.  Sweet and full of inspiration, filled with insight and feelings of joy, peace and contentment.  These are thoughts that make up Faith. They are your bridge of knowing.  They are the thoughts that activate your memories to the awareness of who you are: Heir to the Kingdom of Pure Spirit.

“Doing good” is thus the path home to your true nature: Loving, kind, trusting, free, faith-filled and full of the knowingness that I and My Father/Mother God Are One.  It is God in action through “you”.  It is God being the experience of His or Her Image made manifest as you and through you.  When you can see this, you will experience nothing short of Heaven of Earth, for God is here with you.  Thus how can Heaven not be here too?

Be presence to these words and you will find God’s voice in them. Be open to just the slightest possibility of this being true and you will open the door to a wonderful freedom.  God has only one favorite: You!  And You and You! She wishes only to experience the fullness of life with you.  Are you willing to allow this experience to be yours?  “Doing good” in this world is your bridge to this experience.  No matter who you are, where you have been or where you are going. Good is all that there is; “now”… ever has been and ever will be.  It is an expression of God being God, in you, as you and through you.

Some would call this blasphemy, for they are of the belief that saying… “I am of God” would be arrogant.  On the contrary - it is the Truth.  To say that you are less than part of God, is truly an act of e.g.o. (Edging God out) arrogance.  It is claiming oneself as judge and jury of one’s true kinship with God and passing judgment that one is separate from its’ Creator.  This is a most puzzling point to us here in the Celestial Realm.  How can one say they were created in the image and likeness of God, but judge themselves as lesser than a creator child of the Most High?

The complex mind of man can be cunning, baffling and powerful indeed. For the logic and natural conclusion would simply be: I am ‘A Spark Of God’ – Not separate, but together in oneness.  Without this oneness, I wouldn’t be created in the likeness and image of She who created me and without this oneness I would not be anything at all – nothing. NO THING.

“Doing good” becomes your practice to gain and then maintain your awareness.  For in the complex mind of man, the experience of oneness of the joys of God within becomes clear very quickly when you allow God’s hands to be your hands.

Be clear with your intent to “Do Good”. There is nothing here to figure out.  Just be willing to “Do Good” in your life. God will take care of the rest. Trust God. Step out in Faith. This is all that is required. Follow the voice of your heart. It speaks to you through feelings, images and words.  This is what God Wills for you.  The rest of the details of what, how, where and when, leave up to Him.  She will show you all that you need to know.  He will teach you all that you need to learn.  Trust. Trust. Trust.

Go forth now, with clear intent to “Do Good’ in your world.

It is all that we ask. It is all that the Creator asks of you.

And when you do, the rest will be added.

All needs are met in God. All desires shall be fulfilled. Know that it is done.

And so it is….

Your Friends and Family of the Celestial Realm