Forgiveness And Your Power

Forgiveness and the powers it brings to you are little understood.  This is what we will address now.

Let us first begin by saying that the greatest and most important place to begin forgiveness is with yourself.  Your mistakes, your past and your blessings are all tied up in your willingness to completely forgive yourself.

For many years now you have made efforts to amend with others, to make good on your word, to be all that others would have you be, but what of yourself?  Have you forgiven yourself for not living up to your own standards, perceived correctly or otherwise?

Breathe deeply here… for we wish to set the record straight.

For those of you just finding this path, please bear with us as we address those who have been on it for some time now.  They have come far, but yet their powers have not fully manifested. They ask God for more. They still seek something on the outside to satisfy something on the inside.  They strive to connect and correct those things that they believe wrong by pursuing something they believe will bring them greater joy. They are determined in the heart, but their bodies still seem weak, unable to endure the test of time.

Are they lost?  No.  Are they found?  No.  Are they in-between, perhaps?  They are all but nowhere, in a land of complex thoughts knowing what is right and doing the other.  But with self, they still fall short.  Their bodies cry out for help.  Their souls wait patiently for them to embrace the glory of greater glories, their true power within.

Standing in their way is forgiveness of self.  Standing in the doorway of the final light of realization is the illusionary block, the belief “I am still not quite good enough”.  This self-worthiness issue is anchored in self-doubt. It stems from situations in your life where you let yourself down.  You perhaps made a decision to do something, but did not follow through.  Your will power seemed to let you down.  Here you are, left standing, bewildered, frustrated and confused:  You had vowed to not let it happen again and here you are, right back in the same situation.  What happened to your resolve, your integrity and your power to change?  You thought you chose a path of change but again the same situations and circumstances are now once again in your face and you don’t like the reflection.

Now, again, you commit to go forward.  But this time the standard you set for yourself is lower.  You rationalize that you are limited. You lower your expectations of yourself and your abilities to change – or your ability to let God change you.  You fall into the sea of limitation.  Self-limitation.  Why?

You have learned of your powers.  You know in your heart, “who you are”. You have walked the path of Love.  You have done your spiritual work.  You have felt the Spirit of God in your heart.  You “know” God is real.  So, where does the limitations come from?  Why can’t you decide with real power and decisively effect change in your life?

Consider this: Is it possible that when you decided to effect change in your life, to do things differently, that you only removed a twig of behavior you wished to change; thus leaving the tree of the “habitual thinking” still intact?  Then, in as little as minutes, hours, weeks or months, you found yourself thinking the same thoughts, behaving the same way, as if you never made any decision to change?  You honestly wished to change but found you had no real power to make it last forever.  You then condemned yourself; surrendering to “what’s the use”. You want to see and respond to things differently, but you just did not have the power to do so.

To make matters worse, others condemned you as being without “will power”.  They judged “if you really wanted it, you would just do it”.  They accused you of having a choice, but you were just weak. You joined them and surrendered to self-condemnation. You logically concluded, “I’m just a loser”.  You considered yourself simply more defective than others who were able to effect the same change that you had decided to achieve in your own life.  In doing so, you did not realize that you were giving up your power as a Holy and Beloved Child of Divinity.

This is where you need forgiveness of self.  There have been many unfortunate situations and circumstances during your life where you not only built a tree of doubt in your thinking process, but a forest.  You doubt your abilities because of the many years of trying and failing.  You asserted your will power to achieve this or that, but only ended up reaffirming your inability to rise to the occasion and effect real changes in the behavior you wished to change. This is the power we wish to give back to you.

You were born of the Image of the Creator of the Universe.  You were born of Her Love. You were born with the ability to create as He does. And creating change in your life, in your way of thinking, is where all your power begins.

Harness the power to change your thoughts and you harness your power to change your life.  With the ability to change your life comes the ability to create as the Mother of Creation does.

But first we must insist you be gentle with yourself.  Moving ahead now is where our real assistance begins.  Follow what we suggest and you will become both Free and powerful.  You will see the world with different eyes.  You will experience your life with a renewed feeling of confidence, power and serenity.  You will become meek, yet strong. But, you must remember to keep this in mind: You spent many years building your forest of self-condemnation.  There is a landscape in your mind in need of great healing.  For some the healing will come quickly, for others, it will take a little time.  In either case, it is critical that you be gentle with yourself.  The process of reclaiming your powers, while simple, is in fact a journey.

Being gentle then simply ask that if you don’t achieve a preconceived level of change immediately, don’t condemn yourself again.  Be gentle and trust yourself – and particularly the Spirit of God within you.  The change will come. Your power will be felt. It will happen.  This we know and now ask that you simply trust the process.

We will assist you now in your return home for this is where your power is.  The process is one of removing the forest of self-doubt, self-condemnation, self-criticism and self-denial.  Being gentle could thus be termed as being patient with yourself as we assist you in removing these thoughts from your mind. How we do this needs not concern you – this is where we ask for your trust.


To begin the process, we ask now that you make only one decision: Will you choose to do God’s Will and God’s Will alone?  In doing so, you will have taken the first step in the healing process. Now some may say, “what is God Will?” “How do I do Her Will? We ask now that you do nothing but choose to simply do His Will and trust that Her Will for you is Good.

Through out your day, from this moment on, simply affirm: Father or Mother God (use whichever is most comfortable, or both), Thy Will Be Done!  Say it often to yourself. Make it your Mantra. Let it be an echoing thought behind all your thoughts.  This step is most important as with each time you affirm this, you give us permission to assist you. For without your permission, we can do nothing.

The second step is to affirm continuously throughout the day: I and My Mother/Father God Are One. You need not believe this to say it.  Just say it to yourself, and say it often.  As we remove the doubt, you will begin to remember that this is in fact the case: You and God Are One.  For now, just trust the process.

So to summarized the first two steps:

Continuously affirm in silence to yourself:

“Father, Thy Will Be Done”

“I and My Mother Are One”

The third and final step: Affirm to yourself that: “You Are The One” [saying... I am The One!], acknowledging without your actions now, beginning in this very moment, you imprison the world, condemning it to the prison of darkness, lack and limitation.  If you don’t act now, from this moment to the next, the flow of Love’s healing and thus Heaven will fall short of your and our collective intention.  Timing is now upon us to “do it now”. While it will happen… as this is not the question, it can be delayed without the fullness of you powers being brought to bear in the process.  Your Light is the critical key. Your Love the world needs… thus your forgiveness of self is critical to moving the process forward for everyone.

We ask now that you begin again in each moment, being all that you are.  Stand in testimony of the truth; we will be there for you. Trust us, Trust the Holy Spirit, Trust God.  Trust us, your Angels standing with you right now! We are here for you! But you must start by “being here” in “this moment” for yourself.

Now... to implement the three steps right now... we ask you to make a list of all who you feel to forgive in your life... begin this list the "self" at the top.  Once you begin, your Holy Spirit within will help you... reminding you of names and giving you situation that are in need of forgiveness.  Once you feel the list is complete... fold it up and place it between your two hands. Now simply ask God to that you wish to forgive everyone on the list... to have him remove them all so that you are once again free as a child at play... you are once again free to be all that you are! Once you feel complete in your prayer... you will be given a way to get rid of the paper... and do exactly what you feel or are told to do... Once you do this you are complete... your powers, your confidence, your clarity of direction will be certain... and you need only truth the guidance you receive. 

It is once again your choice to follow through. Yes… another one.  We know if you could just run on auto-pilot the process would seem more simple, and be easier… and actually you can:  It Is Contained In Step One.  Turn it on and leave it on for the rest of your life!

Blessings to Your Powers!

May you now do the new “3 Step Dance of The Spirit”.

In Honor of All That You Are…We Remain Your Eternal Family.

The Spirit Light Family… Is Always With You!