Your Recovery Process

Recovery from what…May be your first question as you clicked this page?   Yet you may be surprised to find that what you are doing right now is your recovery process and “from what” is actually best answered “from nothing”.

We know this seems paradoxical or contradictory and to this we say from your point of view, you are correct.  You are right, but incorrect.  Another question?  We understand.  Please bear with us.  We will explain.

If you have seen the movie The Matrix, we will have a better time explaining it.  If you have not, we suggest you do.  In it, mankind, with the exception of a few souls, are captured by machines and then put to sleep in cocoon type devices by the millions.  The machines actually began creating more humans by way of artificially inseminating eggs to create additional babies.  They did this for the purpose of using their body energy to power the mechanical kingdom the machines had built.

The humans were actually harvested and imprisoned by keeping them asleep.  They too discovered that the human body produced more energy and for a longer time by having an active mind. So the machines created a virtual dream world from which the humans dreamed of an normal, living existence.  Their minds were tricked through this dreaming process into believing they were alive and actually having a normal life, but in reality they were asleep in a cocoon of illusionary existence. They actually lived in a dream world called the Matrix. What they experienced in the dream world they could actually experience in their bodies.  So if they got sick, their sleeping bodies would get sick; if shot, so too the mind would create a like condition in their bodies to the extent of actually dieing.  Yet, the few souls who were not asleep found a way to get into the machine's dream world and disrupt their plans with the hopes of one day awakening the rest of the sleeping human race.

This film is one of our best accomplishments for planting the seeds of remembrance into the minds of the children of God.  For like the film depicts, the world today is for the most part asleep to the realization of who they really are.  Asleep to the fact that Heaven is right here, right now!  Is man imprisoned by machines, no!  It is much more illusive and seemingly more powerful than this.  This prison is one that the children of God themselves created.  As such, it is more powerful, cunning and baffling than any machine; for it was created by the Creator’s Sons and Daughters themselves.  And while the illusion has an appearance of invincibility, it is made from the everyday, common thoughts of man. As the film showed, if you can only believe enough, you would see with eyes that perceive the real truth.  The world is but an illusion.  Darkness is an illusion and only you can continue to give it life by contining to believe it is real.

And like the film, this site is here to tell you: “You Are The One”.

It is the same message that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and many other great Masters from our world have been sharing with you for thousands of years.  Stand in your greatness.  You Are A Creator Child.  Wake Up!  Realize who you are.  You need not fear.  Love is your true nature, your energy and your life essence.  Faith is your sword to pierce the veil of your remember the truth of who you really are.  Experiencing the truth is the only way to finding true freedom and doing the work of rememberance is a choice only you can decide to make.  

No words or movies will ever provide the realization of Love’s true nature.  Only experience will do this.  Though words provide stepping-stones and movies can provide visual aids and hints of your true reality, nothing will replace the sword of your faith.  It is your walking stick; your lighthouse against the powerful tides that illusion brings to bear on your life.  So strong is the great illusion that it will tempt you in infinite ways.  It will attempt to seduce you to do things your heart tells you otherwise.  Can you fly?  Yes!  Can you walk on water?  Yes!  We encourage more discernment here.  You will know when you are ready. Just be willing to listen and God will let you know when you are ready and you will clearly know the moment you are.

Back to the recovery process.  Let us begin by explaining how you got mixed up in this illusion in the first place.  This morning when you got out of bed, the very instant you opened your eyes, even before a thought entered your mind, you were free of the illusion.  Yet like a computer, your mind then downloads a million bits of data into your dream consciousness.  Though you actually may have awakened from another dream that seemed very real, you could consider that you might have just only have changed dreams.  To some, this may be a spooky thought indeed.  If so, we suggest you go back and read our material on the site called “Lighten Up”.

To continue, these downloaded thoughts coming into your awareness and provide you with a sense of belonging. They tell you your name, your history, you situations, your circumstances and everything you think you are.  Yet have you ever questioned where do these programs come from?  Stop for a moment and ponder this.  Why do you “believe” what you do?  Why do you really like this or that, love to do that or this?

They are all belief programs.  Some serve you well and yet others only serve the dream.  This is what the recovery process is all about.  We wish to assist you in deleting all the programs that are the lies of darkness.  They are the disks of information given you by parents, friends, family and society at large.  Yet they were the same disks of information given them by their parents, friends and the many generations prior.  They are the “thought viruses” of mankind.  They were created by accident in the beginning, simply, a mistaken choice.  Thus your recovery is simple by way of the Holy Spirit, the master virus scanner and eliminator.  You need only be willing to let Him scan your memories or thought data bases and with the list complete, use your virus program cleaner called “Forgiveness”.  Once your operating system is clean, you need only apply daily maintenance.

Our Beloved Brother, Sister, you were born as a Perfect Child of Divinity.  You are Love.  Yet you forgot this.  Asleep in your cocoon of illusion, yet really a butterfly.  Each moment you have a choice to choose the garden of paradise thoughts or the toxic fruit tree in the midst of it all – illusion.  As the Creator’s Sons, we all are born from the one Adam, you have the right of free will to choose your destiny.  Truth or Illusion?  Darkness or Light?  There is nothing in-between.  The only thing in-between is more illusion.

This is the path to life’s purpose.  You will recover.  You will awaken.  This is not our question at all.  Our only question is when will you begin?  Your return is imminent as too is your true nature as an infinite being created in the image of God.

If you have already begun, go deeper.  Allow the Holy Spirit to scan deeper into your consciousness, cleaning every virus that has ever entered your mind.  Allow, allow and allow more!  Clean up all that serves you not.  Systematically and thoroughly let go of everything.  Practice daily acknowledging that “you don’t know” what thoughts God has about everything you see.  Pray and meditate on your intent of allowing Love’s thoughts to move into your full awareness – every value you have, every thought.

Follow your heart.  This is where the Divine thoughts come into your awareness.  They will circumvent your mind’s operating system.  Atone and thus allow the Holy Spirit to remove all your fears.  This is likened to rebooting your computer when it is malfunctioning.  You will be healed with the miracles of Love.  The perfection is within you.  Your recovery process is simply the means of finding what is already there.  So there, you have it.  Now you know why we say, “there is really nothing to change”.

We God You!

Eternally Yours,
The Celestial Realm