Spiritual Riches

The gifts of Spirit are such wonderful riches.  The foundation of all spiritual riches is Peace of Mind.  In this foundation grows the seeds of abundance, prosperity, joy, a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and the fountain of Eternal Love.

Build a strong foundation and you’ll have a Garden of Eden beneath your feet.  Build it on anything otherwise and you will have mistakenly cast your seeds upon the surface soil rocks of temporal sensation.  Here, you may experience momentary pleasure, yet your seeds are cut off from their ability to flower fully.  The outcome may describe your life today: boring, lifeless, unpredictable, shallow happiness, frustrating, depressing, and a host of other unfullfillments.

All those in human form have made the mistake of rock gardening, whether it was in a relationship, a situation or a given set of circumstances.  There you were, ready, knowing and prepared.  You knew if you had this or that, or you were here or there, everything would be perfect.  You knew if you just “had it”, you would be okay.  You planted your seeds of action and did all your homework.  You worked really hard preparing the soil of your new garden – hoping to find the happiness you have always desired.  From all the work you had done, you knew you had arrived.  At last, you would have the feeling of completion. Happiness would at last be yours.  Everything would be perfect. Life would be complete…and then it happened.

The winds of change came.  Your seeds tried to hold on, but their roots were weak and shallow.  Your peace of mind, your happiness, just blew away.  You became angered. Perhaps depressed.  Either way, a vast disillusionment fell upon your heart.  For many, you threw out more seeds and toiled hard to get them to grow once again, only to find the same experience around the corner of time. You again became the victim of life.

Yet you refused to look upon the ground of your garden, constantly planting the seeds of Spiritual Riches into the soil of impossible completion.  Perhaps you didn’t know.  Perhaps you have not understood that seeds don’t grow well in rocks. Now you do.

Let us begin again.  Let us stop in this very moment.  Let us look at our gardens and their foundations.  Let us begin by creating a soil of Perfect Love from which our seeds can at last grow.  May we pause, slow down, so that we may truly take flight at light speed!

All that you need is within YOU!  The seeds containing the Spiritual Riches were not grown from something outside of yourself.  They were born of God and His Presence Within You.  The peace of mind, happiness and the abundance you seek are already with you. Whole. Perfect.  Complete.  Why farm in the dream fields of the outer world when the Garden of Eden is within?  You need only knock within.  You need only ask.  You need only slow down.  Be still.  Listen.  Your Paradise Garden will be found only with the assistance from your guidance within.

We are here to assist you.  We are of God’s Will. His Will is that we lead you to your Eden.  It is the beginning and the end.  It is the beginning of your Spiritual Riches and the end of your disillusionment that comes from Spiritual Poverty.

Give us just one moment of your time and we can assist you.  Be still and allow God to share with you the thoughts He holds out for you.  Surrender your depleted soil of outer neediness. Embrace the Love within you.

Simply be willing to begin again.  Allow the rocks of resentments to be dissolved by your desire for Love.  Allow us to assist in weeding out all the regrets, the “should of done this" and “that” and your soil of Love will nurture your seeds like you never before imagined.  Forgiveness is your plow. Begin here.  ‘Giving’ is your fertilizer. Continue with giving once you have plowed deeply.  It is your soil. It is your choice.  Forgive everyone for all that you hold against them and the rocks blocking your roots are instantly removed.  Fertilize your garden with the Love of giving and experience the power of how rapidly your garden will grow.  Irrigate now with acceptance of your life and the lives of others... just the way it all is. This will only germinate more seeds.

Be grateful for every flower of goodness your garden begets.  Place your complete attention here.  Acknowledge all the flowers of goodness in your life and more will grow quickly.  Focus on the good and we will together create more. Gratitude is the sunshine that energizes your garden. Shine it day and night and your Eden will grow strong and fast.

Close your eyes now for we have a gift for you.  It is your Garden in full bloom, beautiful and full of the Glory of Spirit.   This is the kingdom.  It is your paradise.  It is your purpose to build it on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Go forth now seeking to fully experience first your Kingdom of Heaven. It is within.

It is God’s Will For You.

It is His Peace.

It is your Peace of Mind.

It is all that there is.

We God You! Now you know why!

The Celestial Realm