Freedom From Self Made Prisons

Once upon a time you were free without the bars of a prison in your mind.  You were free in your flowing power of Love. You were whole and complete.  And then the bars appeared.  Each one locked securely in your mind’s memory banks for safe keeping, fooling you into thinking that by creating them you could actually protect yourself from the outside world.

Likewise are the prisons that man builds to incarcerate those that he believes to be the criminals.  Man creates jails believing he can lock away the danger, but little thought has been given to the fact that now he is imprisoned by having to guard what he fears.  So, who is the free man and who is the prisoner?  The ones in the physical prison are actually freer than the ones in the mental prison.  They can achieve acceptance of their physical conditions more readily, while the ones on the outside live in fear of the one’s behind bars.

The only difference between the world without prisons and those with are the thoughts you harbor in your mind.

Fear acts like prison bars in your mind.  Each fear you harbor mentally becomes a bar in a self made jail – imprisoning your mind, body and soul.  Almost everyone in your modern society has built such crippling prisons of fear.  Each new fear then adds another bar making up the cage of your prison created by the forces of darkness.  They are the blinders to your perspective of the true meaning of life.  Each one distorts your thinking, your beliefs and your ability to rediscover the truth of life.  These fears are accepted by majority as ‘normal’ since they seem to make your life appear real to the degree that you think “you know” what is right or wrong, good or bad and how life ‘should’ be experienced and lived, but is this really true?

We ask, how can one know the truth of life if one is nested in the thorns of fear?

God did not create fear. Mankind did.

We ask you to consider this question: If God did not create fear, than can it in actual fact be real?  And if it is not real, how can it seem so real?  Imagined or not?

Upon hearing this question, this is where the imprisoned mind revolts in more fear.  It’s prison guards call out the riot squads and sound off the alarms to confuse you, making complex the words that awaken the true thoughts that are received from the mind and heart of God.

This is where your faith comes in and spiritual work begins.  The moment you decide that your imprisoned life is too painful to live, your prison bars weaken.  In the same moment that you decide that your life “will not be lead by fear”, but by the thoughts of God, you will begin to see the New World we speak of.  You reach out of your cage and begin your revelation (your return to the truth of who you are).

This is the “ah ha” moment.  Such a thought came to our scribes’ friend one day as she was attending church.  Her minister said one day: “look at your anger and see if you remembered any details of it in one or two months or after a year or two has passed; and ask yourself, did it really make a difference?”   As she explained to our scribe, she thought of this all the following week, realizing that her minister was right.  When considered weeks, months or years down the road, the anger was useless and silly. It was a complete waste of her time.

This thought was actually outside of the bars of her fear cage.  In her willingness to reach beyond the prison of her own anger, she “began to see” what was real.  It was a waste of time even going there.  Most importantly, she realized that we all have a choice: to harbor it or let it go!  To harbor it is to build another bar.  To let it go is to allow Love to be your choice.  Love’s choice here is ‘God’s Thought for You’!

The question is thus:  If Love will ultimately prevail in the lives of God’s children, then how long will you choose to imprison your minds behind the bars of fear?  We bring you the choice to let go of them all. We give you the keys for your release. Might you remove them now?

To let go and “let Love” is to “forgive”.  It is the “giving” back of a “for”-mer time.  It is the letting go of the emotional bars you created to be restored to what they really are: Nothing!

So how can these emotional bars be “nothing?”

They are “nothing” simply because they are not infinite in nature.  And the test of what “is not” infinite and “what is”, is simply this...What God made is infinite in nature: it is forever and nothing short of this.  The energy of Love is infinite, changeless and without end.  It is the light of consciousness, the sustainer of life.  It is beyond the body, the mind and spirit.  Behind the forces of Love is the intelligence of God.  Love is Her expression.  Thus, anything that is not of the infinite nature and likeness of God is simply a dream, an illusionary thought – and upon awakening, you will again see, sense, feel and experience fully the truth.

Fear, not being a creation of God’s, is thus limited.  It can be created, but only in the dream thoughts of man.  Not God’s, but only by His children’s minds.  Remember, being of God yourself, you can create as He does.  The twist is; what you create as being a free wheeling expression of God, you make seem very real.  So real is your ability here, you have become lost in a dream maze that you originally created.  Albeit much of this creation was passed to you from former generations; nevertheless, you still have chosen to harbor  and adopte it as your reality, your way of living. This is how powerful your ability to create as God does. Begin to respect your power this moment, as it too is the key to your freedom.

This all brings us to the purpose of this writing.

The key to freeing your mind is forgiveness.  As stated earlier, forgiveness is “giving back something that formerly happened”.  Forgiveness is an act of Love.  It is the hacksaw that cuts through the bars of your fear based, mental cage.  If you now choose to remove your bars, then you must do the work of spiritual reversals.  You do this by systematically visiting your former misgivings that created the fears to begin with.  You then merely “forgive each one”.  This must be a conscious choice, as the bars will not be removed until you face and own each one.

You must be crystal clear with yourself in the process. Being crystal clear means you must emotionally choose to let it go – and by emotionally we mean; Your choice to let go is the “picking up of the hacksaw” to remove your prison bars.  The energy of actually sawing the prison bars in half is the “energy-in-motion” (emotions) of your heart.  Right now, your emotions hold the bars in place, so it only makes sense that an emotional commitment to let them go is the counter force required to your true freedom.

Your subconscious mind forgets nothing.  Every event, situation and circumstance is recorded there.  Thus resentments, condemnations, anger, grievances, grudges and vows to take revenge are all areas that need to be looked at, owned and then released.  It is suggested to write them down. One by one, record all the situations where you were taught fear, studied fear, became fearful, considered yourself cheated, considered yourself wronged, made an enemy, had a fight, condemned a person, place or thing.  Each time you write one down, remember you are picking up the hacksaw and placing it beside the prison bar of that situation.

Once you feel you have completed the list, it is now time to place your emotions in action to complete the process. This can be done in many ways.  This is the act of true surrender.  It is an emotional act and one that requires some effort.  If you are sincere in your desire to let go, it will be an easy step to take.

Take your list and hold it in your hands.  Quietly, ask the Holy Spirit within you to guide you to your next step.  For some it will come quickly, for others it will take a little time.  Trust that you will be shown how to take your next step.  If you ask, you will receive! Be gentle with this process.  Be patient.  You did not create the bars overnight, so removing them may take a little time.  God’s Will for you is to release everything! She knows for each of you, this is a very special and caring process.  Be persistent.  Be open.  Be Patient!

You may wish to review the surrender section of our site here. In this, you will see the stories of how this process worked for others. One of your sister or brother’s paths may be similar to yours. If you are so moved by your heart, please review these.


In spiritual terms, the process works by the very nature of Love’s desire to return you, a child of God, to your true consciousness of Love.  Being a child of Love, Love is like a Mother.  Love stands in trembling readiness to assist you. Love’s desire for you is simply that you be all that you are, living a life of happiness, joy and freedom.

Once you choose to return to the awareness of who you are, the Universe celebrates your decision.  Love then, being the creative force behind all of existence, then commands the Universe, your memories included, to create another reality for your mind (a new attitude some would say).  In this case, the other reality is actually the only true one.  Thus, by your clear choice, you cause a mental subconscious reversal to take place.  Your memories are emotionally corrected.  False is replaced with Truth.  Love replaces fear.  Correction is made and the dream you created is replaced with the awakened mind.  It has always been there, just suppressed or imprisoned.

All is restored to truth.  Love, again reigns in your life.

We bid you God Speed in your return home!  May your powers of Love become your wings of desire.  May our Love be your Love, our desire for you be your desire.  May you return to Love.  The choice is your – and yours alone.

We are always with you!

We Love You!

The Celestial Realm