Spiritual Surrender

The most powerful of activities known in spiritual development is the art of spiritual surrender.  We wish to address here exactly what it is and how you can go about becoming a master at it.

In war, one perceives winning as triumph over another.  In spiritual warfare aimed at reclaiming the spirit within, the win comes by how deeply you can surrender.  In the world’s various 12-step programs, such as AA or NA, this battle is typified with a slogan reflecting this truth: “surrender to win”.

To many this whole concept can be a heart wrenching paradox.  It operates contrary to your entire value system of thinking.  You were raised to win. You played ball to win.  You played games to win.  You worked hard in school to win good grades.  You work to win a paycheck.

So now we’re suggesting to you, in essence, not to win – but to surrender – in order to triumph?  Yes, we know, we have some explaining to do.

When Jesus said, “I’m not of this world”, he actually was referring to a “state of mind”.  Jesus was not of the world of false limitations. He was of a world of infinite possibilities.  He knew without question that He was a Son of God, embracing the “state of mind” not of this world.  He knew he and the Creator were of one mind, one heart and one soul.  He knew of nothing less and nothing more.  He knows this even today as he continues to work in awakening the world to the Spiritual world within.  How did he reach this New World?  Jesus reached the world of the Kingdom within by surrendering all other worlds of thought.  He made a choice to choose only the world of Divine thoughts, saying…“not my will, but your will Father”.  He made a choice.  A decision to be of the fullness of Love’s Will “on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

Thus, there is a spiritual world within undiscovered by many.  In your heart, there is an intelligence of Love connecting you to God and to the real spiritual world within.  This world has a door to open in order to experience the fullness of Love on the other side.  It is the world Jesus spoke of as being from.  The key to opening the door is “choice”.  But what must you choose in order to turn the key?


Allowing all opposing thoughts to drain away opens the spiritual world of Love in your heart.  It is like being in a room full of water and trying to pull a door open against that water.  The force of the water holds it shut, no matter how hard you try to force it open.  You eventually discover that by draining the water first, the door opens effortlessly. 

Your opposing “thoughts” are like the water holding back the door to a New World just on the other side. Open the door and you receive the treasures of Perfect Love. It’s there waiting for you but your opposing thoughts hold shut what has been there for you always. To receive it, you simply have to allow all these opposing thoughts to drain out through the window of surrender.

What are these thoughts you must surrender?

Jesus taught that one had to “be as a child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”.  What He meant here was that you have to let go of all your past values, perceptions, points of view, ideas, judgments and the vast libraries of thoughts within in order to free yourself from this world.

To better relate to this, simply observe a child at play, fully presence in the ecstasy of the moment.  Better yet, return to that place of innocence within yourself.  Remember a time when you were free of fear, in a world of magic and discovery?  Innocent and wide open to life… you simply accepted everything and everyone just as they were.

This continued until someone warned you that “they” shouldn’t be trusted.  One by one, you began to build a thought library of judgment, filled with the stories of darkness, doubt and distrust.  To better understand the magnitude of this and the worldly influences on you as a child, we suggest the following exercise.

Take a moment and close your eyes.  Imagine you are standing in a huge library, filled with books you have personally written and recorded about your life.  There is the Mom and Dad sections. Bookshelves filled with your personal stories on friendships, relationships, Love, and romance.  Sections on teachers, schools, triumphs and defeats. All the challenges and joys you experienced.


This entire library you see represents your recorded hall of life.  Every experience, every memory, no matter how small, is recorded here.  As you look around, you then notice there are two hallways – filled with volumes of books.  One hallway is illuminated with light; the other is darkened by your experiences of fear.  From each you feel energy in the air.  From the Hallway of light, you feel a peaceful, warm and calming sensation.  From the dark hallway, you sense a chill, a tension that causes you discomfort.  If you have difficulty seeing or sensing it clearly, ask the Holy Spirit to assist you and He will.

What feelings does it bring up?  The two hallways represent how you see and interact with the world around you.  You were born with the Hallway of Light already built.  Its foundation is Perfect Love.  It is eternal.  It is the hallway of Divinity.  At the end of this hallway, the doorway opens to Heaven’s treasures for you.

Conversely, the hallway of darkness represents all the experiences you had that were created out of fear.  It contains life long resentments, grudges and your betrayals.  It is solely created from limited thinking, negative judgments and fear.  It is the hallway of illusions.  Its foundation is totally based on experiences, stories, myths and beliefs, passed from one generation to another.  It is not of Love.  It merely represents a choice, a path and a decision that your Creator gave you free will to make.  Its creation and dismissal lies totally in your hands as well. When you were born, it didn’t even exist.  You have built it totally by mistake.  A mistake that began long, long ago. It was a mistake from the very beginning, continuously repeated, one generation to another.


You choose with your every thought to perceive the world from one of these two hallways of life.  Each gives you a different perception.  Each gives you different eyes and information to interpret reality.  One is real.  The other is a dream world you fabricated.  The hallway of Light is the only thing that is real.  It was there when you were born and will be there always.  It was created by Spirit.  It is the hallway of Perfect Love.  In it is the reality of who you are.  In it is the miracle of creation and the knowledge of the eternal truths of life.  In it is healing and peace.  In it is Heaven.  And since it is the only one that God Himself created, it is the only one that is real.  Walk down this hallway and you will receive all the thoughts God holds out for you. His gifts lie within its structure.  These are your gifts if you so choose.

As for the other hallway, surrender it!  Allow the fires of the truth to purify its lies.  Allow the mistakes made by the generation before you to be washed away.  This path perhaps served you once, but serves you no more.  This path is the valley of death.  Allow the Holy Spirit within you to enlighten you with the Truth.  Hold up the torch of Truth and let us walk through the illusion and you will see it dissipate before your eyes - and you will see no evil. This is the act of surrender.  This is the path of trust and realization that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Walk with the Christ Light of Love in your heart and you will see through the eyes of love and the Satan mind of man will dissolve.  You will embody peace by piercing the veil of illusion and separation.  You will begin to see how everyone is just like you.  You will see that everyone is YOU.

You will free your soul to soar with a new freedom.  Worry and insecurities will drop away.  Things that frustrated you will no longer take your peace.  This is what is meant by spiritual rebirth.  People will see you differently.  They will know they can trust you and you them.

No matter from where you come, all will begin again.

This walk we speak of is the walk of a spiritual warrior.  It is the walk to realizing the full meaning of Love.  It is the walk that brings complete understanding to the purpose of life:  To learn the meaning of Love.


Surrendering to win is thus an act of lighting up your hallways of darkness and thus seeing the reality of what they are – No-thing…NOTHING!

It is the act of allowing the fire of spirit to burn away the illusions of darkness.

You already possess the match to light the spiritual flame. It is called choice.  All that is needed to strike it is your willingness to let it all go.  The degree of your willingness to surrender your attachment to the dark hall within your mind–– is the degree to which it will no longer be in your life.

Surrender completely.  Forgive all who you thought wronged you for they only erred because of their own darkened hallway.  They didn’t know the full consequences of their choices and the illusionary power that it had.  Yet, neither did you.  They had no idea what they were creating.

This is why Jesus could say in “truth” as He was nailed to the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.  He knew they did not know why they feared him, though they thought they did.  He knew too it was in His best interest to forgive them or imprison his own soul.  He knew He had to lead us in breaking the chains of man’s illusions.  It was God’s Will that this be done. He knew He only had one choice in order to remain free.  So, thus do each of you.

Surrender your dark hallways and you will receive the Fullness of Your Light!  Surrender every thought of “your own misguided thinking about what to do and how to do it” and you will be instantly given the truth of Life.  We are of Divine Love.  We live totally in the Light.  Our purpose here is only this.

Surrender and we give you the Kingdom.  Surrender and you will have eternal life... and with it, Heaven on Earth!  

Our Blessings Are Always with you on your pathway home.

We Love You!

Your Brothers and Sisters at the end of Your Hallway Of Light…