As you will find as you read, healing is more about "letting go of all your stories, your past, and mankind's' past as a whole'.  In this way, a new story will be revealed in your heart and to your awareness of the truth of life and who you really are.  But to receive it, you have to choose to release and have removed what fills the place in your mind, your beliefs, perceptions, and ideas of "what you think are real" before you can see the truth of life, your life, from God's prospective.  

Why do you need to let go first? Because you have free will to believe what you wish to believe and this gift is always honored by God and all that serve Him and You through His Love.  In this way, "HONOR" is one of the highest expressions of Perfect Love, for it sees and honors your beliefs as your own creations.  And knowing that you are an infinite being of light and love, we know it is just a matter of time before you will be willing to let the false beliefs go, allowing a space for the greater truth to be known.

Thus, all Healing begins with the understanding that God's Will for you is to be as He Created You, joyous, happy and free from the despair of guilt, shame, sickness, and death!  In His Light, from His Prospective, you are already healed and just do not know it.  

Misunderstanding? You bet you!  You and most of the rest of the Human race believe life is hard, challenging and then you die.  You believe you have no choice in the matter, so you just accept what you hear and what others have taught you to believe.

You might as well be a cow following the herd of mankind, of your forefathers,  as they stampede down the trail of life until one day you fall into the valley of death.  Mindlessly you run without thinking for your selves, without even knowing why you really believe what you have been told and doing so... just figuring it is safe to follow the pack, even if the pack is heading off a cliff.  

Perhaps then, if you would stop but a minute and consider "what if there is another way"?  What if God holds out to me the freedom from death and the key to eternal life.  What if I live on beyond this body's vehicle's time span? What if what Jesus demonstrated to us in calling Mary's brother Lazarus back to life... seeing the Truth in God still being there, capable of breathing life into him once again?

What if the Matrix of death that Lazarus believed in was the only reality he saw... and Life as you and he live it is really is a dream and you can wake up and 'heal your beliefs'... forgiving them all, so you no longer block the Truth that God holds out to you right now?  What if you could call forth the truth in yourself as Jesus called forth in Lazarus?  What if this were a choice you could make for yourself? Would you make it? Will you make the choice to heal? Will you be determined in releasing, so that your mind can be changed for you?  

If you are, read on... follow your heart and your guidance from within. Seek and you will find. You have asked and now it is given unto you. Read and receive, your path is made clear.

Own this Heaven for yourself and you can then give it away to others.  It is God's Will, may we allow it to be done! Amend and Amend. Please continue on...

Healing Your World

Your "Healing Links" here are all about sharing various truths from our angelic friends of the Celestial Realm. As you come to understand them, you will Heal...
to the extent of your willingness to accept the greater truths of the Holy Spirit or that natural spiritual knowing already within you. This 'knowing' is the Kingdom of God within and as you discover it, you will find you have healed, for it is your key to allowing the chains of shame, sickness, and death to be released from your mind.