This is Raj Christ Jesus home site where you access weekly "live" ACIM Study Groups and download  videos, audios and transcriptions of his work being taught through Paul Tuttle.  
FREE Copy of Sparkly Book Edition of ACIM can be found here, as well as, downloads of various version of ACIM Editions. 
Pamela shares her love and has gifted us with a many of the works of Raj Christ Jesus, from her work with the NFFACIM, many audios and transcripts available.
The Foundation For Inner Peace offers the 1st Edition ACIM as edited by Helen and Ted, in 20 difference languages, with seven more pending. all can be purchased on line and well as audio and daily lessons
Course in Miracles Society [CIMS]
Course in Miracles Society is Course in Miracles Society [CIMS] is an international group of Course students and teachers organized to discover, authenticate and propagate the Divine Teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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