The ACIM Lab Class Summary:

In the lab class, you learn to engage directly the Holy Spirit "direct guidance" in order to remove the blocks to love's presences, which is what does the correction of your perception. As a result, miracle healing occurs just like the Course teaches, for the process the Holy Spirit use in this Lab work is the Holy Instant. So in essence, the Lab class is the practicing of the Holy Instant.

Perfection Healing uses all the various forms Auric-Bodies-Communicating as a direct communication modality with the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Holy Spirit is the teacher of this Lab Class. A the course articulates, the Holy Spirit's function is removing the blocks to The Awareness of Love's Presences. 

A Key To Unlocking Your Experience To ACIM
If you have yet experience “tangible, physical healing” as a result of your study of “A Course In Miracles”, you will find ABC Self-Healing to be the key for which you have been looking. Many students of ACIM have seen the Course as primarily a mental process of changing our perception, yet little, if anything having to do with actual physical healing or correction. This perception, as Raj Christ Jesus makes very clear throughout his teachings the Course, is wrong yet can be easy corrected. What Jesus shares in ACIM that the very foundation principles of complete physical regeneration and correction. . . whereby, we should expect to arrive at the moment where we completely end sin, sickness, disease, and death. Thus, to facilitate this “experience”, ABC Self-Healing was brought into being under at the direction of God.

What is Perfection Healng and ABC? ABC stands for Auric Bodies Communicating, which includes those of your Spiritual Guidance, Jesus, your Holy Spirit, and the totality of our One Family throughout all the Celestial Realms of Creation, including Angels, Divine Being of The Christ, Ascended Masters and all those Awaken In God. What are Auric Bodies? Auric Bodies are individualized expressions of God. Expressions of God made in His Image and Likeness. All Auric Bodies exist in the Mind of God where there is only Oneness or Singularity of Mind.

Perfection Healing thus involves “communicating within the one family” of God. So naturally, given it is a technique of communicating within this Family of Awaken Ones, it is naturally a process of where assistance to our awakening is made clear.

ACIM introduction states:
“The Course does not aim to teach the meaning of Love for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to your awareness of Love’s Presence, which is your natural inheritance."

Perfection Healing is a key, however only in technique form, to removing the blocks to your awareness of Love’s Presence.

To read exactly how it works and how allow yourself to heal (self-healing), download the following free workbook. More information is available at

By practicing Perfection Healing as guided by the Holy Spirit within, you will find miracle healing to be real and is more about "allowing" than "doing".
Raj Christ Jesus..."It's time to practice what you have learned, be it you have read the Course over and over again or just started. Evidence is the best teacher.  Experience is the best teacher of Love."
Perfection Healing 
"A Lab Class for A Course In Miracles"

Start Experiencing Miracles Today!

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GETTING STARTED 101 - "A Way To Experiencing the Miracles of Trusting More"

Miracles are Corrections, from man's limited mindset to Love's Infinite Beingness. A great place to start experiencing miracles, short of going deeper into the Perfection Healing Lab class, as outlined below... is simply by starting each day releasing your concerns, worries and anything that you consider 'unresolved' in your life to God.  For in Truth, all things are already "Resolved In the Mind of God".  So you start by allowing correction, that will happen when you make a 'conscious choice' to give it to God. In other words, anything unresolved is simply some form of fear or practice of faithlessness... So a great way to practice letting go and letting God's thoughts to become your experience, is the daily practice of surrendering your fears, concerns and worries, no matter how great or small, to God.

As follows is a link to a document called "My New Daily Schedule to Trusting God More." The document is a great way to learning to trust that the Miracles of God are being held out to you... without and conditions. It is simply a daily practice of experiencing the Miracle of Peace in your life... allowing your perception of fear, threat, hurt, harm or endangerment to be released so that you'll be free to walk in God Miracle of Peace.

Practice this for 30 days... and experience the more God holds out to all of us:

Download "My New Daily Schedule to Trusting God More"