Letting Go To Awaken

In the mind of God you are already “Perfect”.  You are the most powerful of Spirit’s creations. You are Love! You are the energy of the Christ within manifested. You are Love embodied in a breathing, thinking and joyous human form. You are Divine. You are God stuff made manifest by Her energy of Love.  You are His Child.  The Creator is both your Father and Mother.  If you do not remember this, then you are simply asleep.  The veil of illusion still hangs over your eyes. Yet, it is only but a dream.

Discovering this Truth, as the experience of your life, requires your willingness to let go of every belief and value you have ever had as to how you relate to Divinity.  All of man’s ways in relationship to Spirit’s teachings have all in some way or another been tainted by the thoughts of fear and The Creator knows not fear.  It is something man created. Not God. God only knows Perfect Love.  This is the only thing She sees as real as that which is real She Created.  Since this is the case, it is only Love that is real. By awakening to the awareness of the Spirit within, you, too, will fully realize this.  Love is all that is real.  There is nothing else in the heart and mind of Pure Spirit.

This is why letting go of everything else is essential to the understanding and fully knowing that “only Love is real”.  This is the purpose of life, to learn the true meaning of Love.  This makes awakening a part of the Divine plan of your life.  It is a required part of your life’s destiny.  If it were not needed, you would already have realized this. Life is Love. You must come to fully understand this.  The only choice involved is, “when?”  When will you actively embrace your path to remembering who you really are?

The choice is yours!

May you choose the one choice that brings great abundance and happiness.  May it be the choice that gives you daily and infinite peace.  May it be the one that removes all worry, doubt and every insecurity you have about life. Yes, may letting go be your choice.

Surrender your thoughts.  In doing so, God will fill you with His Grace.  His Spirit within you stands in trembling readiness to set you free.  You need only be willing.  You must surrender your past thoughts, the complete story of your life, to embrace your Holy Instant and all the Power and Love that is already yours.

Show your willingness.  Demonstrate it in every way that comes to mind.  We will show you how if you allow us.  For each, we have a special plan.  It is one designed just for you.

Open your mind and you will begin to see with new eyes.  You will perceive the world from a renewed point of view. You will meet every challenge with greater confidence, better insight and more willingness.  You will come to understand mercy.  You will begin to know the fullness of your powers.  But you must first be willing to let go and let God. You are a victim of no thing.  You will become a Master of God’s Powers made manifest within you.  Your gifts will come into there fullness.

But you must let go.

We leave you here now with a prayer.  It is a prayer of willingness to the Creator, a prayer to sow seeds of your surrender and a prayer of release and letting go.  As an act of your willingness to begin again, we suggest to light a candle.  Center yourself and take a moment to deeply reflect on your intention to release.  When you feel ready…begin and be born again! Let go and awaken!

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother

                        I release my past thoughts to you.

                        I open myself now to the power of Your Love,

                        For Your Love to wash me clean from all fear and my mistaken creations.

                        I choose now to only serve Your Thoughts, Anchored in Your Love and Light.

                        I surrender all thoughts and experiences to You, They no longer serve me being who I am.

                        Thank You Mother Father God for Your Love and Light.

                        Thank You God for My New Life.

                        Now, I pray knowing I begin again,

                        In Your Heart, Mind and Soul.

                        I Love You Mother,  I Love You Father,

                       We Are Family once again!

                       In Oneness with the Holy Spirit and my Family of The Celestial Realm,

                       I declare We Are One!

                       Thank You God, Thank You God, Thank You God.