Your Angels of Light...Who We Are 

Know first you are never alone for there are legions of us here to assist each of you when you choose to call upon us.

We are the angel’s of the world serving The Christ consciousness of our God's Father/Mother Celestial Kingdom. Our beingness is like what you might call Spirits of the Light. We are of Love, Peace, and Joy. We hold harness on the Glory of Mother, Father God within us. We are your brothers and sisters, your family of the Light. There are many books and stories about us. You will find them if you seek to know more.

Where are we? We actually exist right where you are, yet on a different channel of what you would call quantum field vibration, like those on your television and the different radio frequencies running throughout the skies.  We vibrate at a higher rate, yet our existence is quite different from yours. Here, there is no fear, for fear is a very low vibrational form. Here, there are no needs because all our needs are met instantly. What we think -- we create.  What we choose to do, we do.

Our purpose is not to interfere, but rather to encourage and assist. We know the power of the God Force and all the Love that it is. This Love Force is one of Perfect Acceptance, Perfect Harmony and Perfect Peace. It does not impose Its Will upon existence; rather it honors all that Spirit has created. It honors the Will of all Life and the magnificence of its unfoldment. We are of this same Force, given life and consciousness through the cosmic energy of the Christ Light.

We are here now to assist humanity in awakening to the same awareness and experience of the Love force within. For all too long you have slept in ignorance with blinded eyes. Yet the ending is near and the real beginning is upon us. Our work is almost complete.

It is time our Beloved’s. It is time to awaken to the magnificence that you truly are. It is time to rise up as brothers and sisters of the One Mother. Humankind is beyond worshiping at the feet of masters. It is time you stand up and become the master that you are. This may startle some, but it is of the Light and Highest Truth.

To say that you are not worthy to be a brother or a sister, one within the same family of Master Mohammed, Master Buddha, Master Krishna and the Master Jesus - the one who leads us all, is to stand in arrogance. It is not your place or ours to go around judging that which the Creator Herself, created as Perfect --- You --- His divine and most honored child. Would you stand in front of another, in the presence of God and condemn one you know to be his child – and banish him from our Father’s Kingdom? Even, if it were yourself that you were condemning?

So, move on then and learn to more fully awaken. Ride on our faith and understanding. We will guide you if you so will it. Listen to your still small voice within. Listen. Trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance in any and all situations. Trust your feelings. Explore for yourself the answers that give reason. Trust your inner knowingness and not the knowingness of the world.

Be discerning…yet do not fear. We will not have been of assistance if you don’t experience that which we hold out to you. Yet you must be open in order to taste the nectar of Love’s delight washing through you. You must be honest about where you are and the fear that lives within you. You must be willing to see with different eyes, to perceive life from a different point of view. Doing this, your willingness will see the fear within from a honest point of view and then you can sincerely choose to let the Spirit of Holiness within you wash it all away.

This is where the healing begins and quickly ends. This is who we are and what we are all about. This is the purpose for which we came and by these intentions, we will bring the promise of Mother/Father God to Earth, as it is in Heaven, one soul at a time and then united as One ~ All Will Know ~.

This is who we are.
Will you join us?
We welcome you.
We honor you!
We thank you for being all that you are!
And so it is….
In Love, We Honor You!
The Eternal Beings of The Celestial Realm