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NOTE: This year begins in ACIM Chapter 12 and ends in Chapter 12, Sparkly Book 261-299. Other books referenced In Transcripts.

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2006 Christ Jesus Dissertations as Raj on "A Course In Miracles" Videos & Transcripts
A Course In Miracles Study Group Production by its Author and the Northwest Foundation For ACIM

The following videos/transcripts come from ACIM Study Group dissertations given directly by Christ Jesus, as Raj through Paul Tuttle. Paul is a most humble man who simply agreed to assist Jesus, as he is so requested (as most would do, if asked by Jesus). To appreciate Paul's willingness and discernment more deeply, please see Paul's Story Link if for any reason you're hesitant to believe or would like to understand about how it all came into our present day reality.

Download Combined Christ Jesus Dissertations as Raj for ACIM:
DOWNLOAD All Jesus' Edification Study Groups from 2002 - 2015 (46 MG File, 5,756 Pages) - LINK TO DOWNLOAD PDF - We've combined all of Jesus' dissertations on ACIM from the Introduction to Chapter 18. In this way, you can easily search and explore specific sections and subjects by words or numbers.
DOWNLOAD All Jesus' Questions and Answers as Raj from is Gathering Works in the 1980s and 90s. - LINK TO DOWNLOAD PDF- (11MG File, 2,227 Pages, Over 1,600 Questions and Answers) -This is a wonderful searchable, exploratory file of Jesus' Perfect Clarity of his teaching as given in bible and passed down for generations.