Your Healing Holy Spirit

Within you is a spiritual connection to God.  As stated in the Christian bible, you were made in the image and likeness of God.  This is the spirit image we speak of now.

To assist in your understanding, imagine for a moment that God is an ocean of water.  Then from the light of the sun, the water evaporates into a cloud.  It is still water, but just in a different form.  Now imagine that one day the cloud poured forth its image and likeness onto the soil of the earth – producing its likeness into many droplets of that same water, just removed from the ocean of God.

This droplet became you.  Thus you are both “of the cloud and of the ocean”.  You are both, yet neither.  But in you still exists the image and the likeness of both the ocean and the cloud.  Thus you are “of God”, yet expressing itself as an individual droplet of the greater ocean. Each droplet is Holy, born of a sacred ocean.  Within each droplet is the spirit of the cloud from which it was formed. This is your Holiness, your connection to God.

We here in the Celestial Realm are simply working from the spirit of the clouds.  We are one with the ocean and one with the droplets.  Our thoughts and our words are thus ours, but in perfect oneness with God.  There is no separation.  What we speak is the same as what God would speak.  The same as what Jesus would speak… the same as what Krishna… Buddha, and all the fully connected spiritual beings of past, present and future would speak.  This is the fullness of the meaning behind ‘We Are One’.  We are of the One Mind, the One Ocean and the One Spirit of the Living God within You.  And by your choice alone, you can choose to think, breathe and be in the same mind or; you can choose otherwise.

Thus the healing Holy Spirit within you is truly of God.  We say, “healing” only for the purpose and reason of using a ‘word’ that you can relate to.  Healing implies correction of something that is not in integrity with its true wholeness. A cut in your finger is something that needs correction.  It is something that is in need of healing. Likewise, is your mental cut of forgetfulness.  Yes, your forgetfulness has cut you off from remembering who you are and from where you came. A correction is needed to re-connect your awareness to your infinite nature.  This is the work of your Holy Spirit.  How it does this is not important. What it does is.

The Holy Spirit corrects your mental awareness by way of a miracle, which is a “change in perception”.  This miracle process changes how you see the world.  Once seen correctly through your mind’s eye, creation’s forces follow. This simply changes your false perceptions (what seems real) to the truth from God’s point of view.  His point of view is only that of Love Unconditional, free and without limit. Thus your Healing Holy

Spirit performs that of which God assigned Him. He is the voice of God within you.

“I am here to correct your perception, to alter your point of view in every situation that is seen from a perspective that limits your vision of the truth.  As an example, let us take a child’s perspective of you.  They have no preconceived ideas of what is right or wrong for their thoughts are only based in Love.  They enjoy the pureness of Love’s perspective shining in their every thought.  This is ‘I accept, I honor, I consider you perfect, I look up to you, I appreciate you, I wish to be as you, I accept you just the way you are.  Continuing, they see trust in you, worthiness in you, love in you, acceptance in you, and ultimately their very nature in you’.  This is Love’s point of view.  These are the eyes of God, the ears of God, the appreciation of God shining through the eyes of every child. This is the innocence of a child, the innocence of Love, the innocence of your true nature.

“So how does one, again, see with the eyes of a child?  By correction of your conscious mind… By the healing of the cuts in your emotional fabric… By the change in your perspective . . . By correction of your sight, so that what you see and feel is only that radiating with the Light of Love.  This is what I offer you as your Holy Spirit within.  This is all it is; yet this is everything.

“What is everything?  Everything is your heaven, your peace of mind and your contentment.  It is your anchor of Light for seeing the world the same as God sees it.  It is your knowing that everything is perfect just the way it is at this moment in time.  It is your sense of joy, your ability to begin again, your freshness of a life glowing with the awareness that you are the ocean, the cloud and the droplet of God.

“This is what I offer as a result in healing your life’s fabric of emotional tapestries.  Yes, you have tattered your tapestries of thoughts to the point of blinding your awareness of the Light that you are – making for a darkened and distorted awareness.  My healing is aimed at simply correcting this.  Yes, I am the master mender, the golden thread of Love capable of completely removing any tears, frays or cuts in your emotional mind.  I give you my golden threads seeking only your slightest willing needle of intention to begin the process.  Connect my thread of healing to your needle of desire and the mending is done!  But remember, I am the weaver and you are the fabric. Relax. Be still and know I am your key to correction. Listen and I will tell you what to do. I will tell you where to go.  I will bring to you that which is needed to complete the process.  This is why you are here right now.  Correction of your thoughts is all that you are asked to allow me to do – healing is the result. Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Yet this is everything.

“Listen closely in the calmness of your mind.  I wish to speak directly to you. Not from these words, but from within you.  Close your eyes now and listen for a moment.  I am the still small voice you will hear.

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen… Listen.

“Now go and do as your heart sings. Be all that you are.  I am with you.  You need not fear.  I walk at your side and in front of your every challenge, lighting your way.

”Listen and you will know I am here.  Look closely and you will see me in your brothers and sisters.  Be open and you will sense me in all of life.

You are My Beloved.

Your Healing Holy Spirit

We Love You! Your friends of the Celestial Realm