Here is Wisdom 

                                     The Mystery, The Wisdom, Behind 666 + 6

                                                     "Chaining the Dragon"

The good news is there is nothing to fear... for The Great Awakening is The End of Time as we know it now!  In fact it is the process of chaining the dragon of humankind! 

And what is the dragon? Simply a lack of clarity, a lack of wisdom in knowing who you and your brother really are.  It is the box that imprisons your brothers and sisters into a world of your
judgements...where you see them through the lens of comparisons, memories and vain imaginings.  This 'judgement' give power to the beast in each of us, the beast that is anti-Christ in the fact that it condemns all of us to fear, sickness and death.  

When Christ said, "get the behind me Satan"... he was simply saying... "get the behind me 'unclarity', get the behind me anti-Christ, get the behind me lack and limitation!  This 'lack of clarity' comes from believing that somehow fear, sickness and death are real to A Holy and Perfectly Created Child of God. 

And it is from the many years of 'unclarity' that man has substantiated that which seems to prove itself as a 'negative force', but this is only because he has forgotten his clarity In God.

When Christ first came he brought back into the world 'Demonstrated Clarity'.  In this clarity he proved unquestionably "The Truth of God".  As He stood in this Clarity of Truth, God's Love Became what it really IS... Perfect Love... The Christ made Manifest In Man... The Evidence of God with Man... Proving His Sons and Daughters Are One With Him!  Man saw this then... and even see it now as "Miracles"...yet it is simply Clarity [TRUTH]... that there is no anti-Christ, except the One you find in your "unclarity"... which is mans dreaming that somehow he is in separation from His Creator God.

You will discover as you embody the teachings Raj Christ Jesus provides here at via the Northwest Foundation For A Course In Miracles, the greater wisdom on understanding "time" is the beast and the "power" given it is the 'dragon of judgement'.  You will come to see that the many 'gloom and doom interpretation' of Revelations are simply mistakes coming forth in man's vain imaginings.... imaginings all humankind has been subjected to and embraced to one degree or another. 

It is for this reason that Christ Jesus is bring forth now "Clarity" for you to see... and to share with all your brothers and sister... so that once and for all, All Humankind will Know Freedom, the Freedom from God given them from within the Consciousness of The Christ.

From within this Conscious understanding that "The Christ" is within you, and you and you and All Your Kingdom Family IN GOD, you will know WISDOM!

More will be added here shortly... check back often so to see the greater wisdom unfold!
"There is no evil. There is no devil. There is either clarity or unclarity.  And unclarity begets unclarity, and unclarity substantiates itself, increases itself, and it seems to prove that indeed there is some negative force, but it is just lack of clarity."

- Raj Christ Jesus
Raj Excerpt — Lake Morey, Vermont—1992—Part1