An instant in time, though eternal in nature, is the essence of each Holy Moment.  It is the “holy grail” of all religions and spiritual practices.  It is the dance of purpose behind all desires.  Its foundation springs forth from the I AM presence within all.  It is that certain “something” that is reflected upon when you feel there is something missing in your life. It is the completion of the mystery of life, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Finding it is the purpose of life itself.

So how does one achieve it?

How does one reach into that moment of time and touch the sweetness of Love’s full presence?  How do you reach out and experience the emotional ecstasy of Love’s fulfillment?

Little recognized, though experienced by millions of God’s children, is the nectar of Spirit’s presence nested in the Holy Moment.  Getting to this moment comes in an infinite number of ways.  It is often referred to as “being fully present” or “heart centered”.  It is the experience of every child – free and without the burdens of yesterday’s thoughts and tomorrows projections.  In it you become real.  You become the “authentic” you.  Untainted by your past and fulfilled in your purpose.  It is the return to the perception of the world through a child’s eyes; innocent, open, free of any judgment.

To find your Holy Moment, we first ask you to be open to your guidance within.  It stands in unwavering eagerness to walk hand in hand with you.  It will lead you to the quickest path to the Holy Moment.  It knows the keys needed to unlock the door to the discovery of the true you. But you must be willing to walk this road less traveled.  Your golden Holy Moment awaits you, yet like a rainbow, the path can be very colorful.  At its end you will find your pot of spiritual gold: The Joy Of Spirit!

Second, you must be open to your path.  It is the path designed just for you.  Yes, millions of others walk the path too, but their footsteps will never be identical to yours. Your road is yours.  Though the path may seem similar to others, the footsteps of each experience are yours and yours alone.  As such, you must be willing to be open to each one; whereby each experience is embraced as a steppingstone to your return home.  Whether it be an experience of forgiveness or service to another.  Each event, situation or circumstance along the way holds a morsel of understanding and experience only you will notice as being just for you.

Third, please remember and know that you are not alone. God Himself/Herself has given you your guidance.  Yet your guidance will only assist when you have become willing and open.  Otherwise, He will simply stand in honor and witness of your every choice in finding your way.  He knows not of time for He is of God. His patience is thus infinite.  Called the Holy Spirit by many, He waits with infinite patience for your willingness to begin again; in the Holy Moment where time stands still.  “I stand in the moment where the peace of God Will’s the Universe to applaud its’ king, its’ queen, as it is a servant to it’s master, The Holy Child of God.

Embracing this truth is the destiny of all, though the time of such embracing is the free choice of each child.  The time of this choice of willingness is solely yours to choose.  It is not a question of “will you embrace your reality again?” it is only a question of “when?”  Your return to the realization of your child of God status thus will come, the only question is “when will you choose to walk with me?”

Thus you have it.  Choose God and you choose Unconditional Love.  Choose Unconditional Love and you choose Perfect Peace.  Choose Perfect Peace and you choose Eternal Happiness.  Choose to walk the path given by your guidance and you choose to return to ‘who you really are: The Divine Child of God. Hold the hand of your guidance within and you hold the hand of meekness.  Follow the thoughts God holds out to you and you will find your greatness.  Not only will you experience the fullness of Love within you, but you will also discover the truth behind your brother Jesus’ statement, “ask and you shall receive”.

Go now and ask again.  If you are reading this, you have but stopped at another signpost.  Another kernel of truth you have found. Its purpose is to encourage, to affirm your feelings and offer you confirmation.

You are yet a moment away from the Holy Moment.  A few thoughts are all that holds you back now. Let them go and you will find your freedom. “Go now and find your worthiness.  Ask that your path be quickened. Ask that your courage be empowered by God’s Perfect Love.  Ask of Me, Your Holy Spirit within, anything and I will show you the way.  This is my purpose.  I await your willingness to move ahead quickly.”

Beloved child, go forth knowing that “You Are The One”.

In honor of all that you are…

We remain your servants in Love.

The Celestial Realm
The Holy Moment
In you is the most Holy of Moments. Its sweetness surpasses the scent of the most fragrant of flowers or the most delectable confection. A moment born of the Holy Presence, forever unchanged, unchangeable and full of Love’s Eternal nectar. In you is the Love of Mother/Father God. The perfect balance and harmonic of both masculine and feminine energies united in the oneness of Divine Union, patiently waiting for y
ou to allow its Presence to guide you in the sacred dance of your life.

Likewise, this same Moment of Perfect Love forever exists in all human souls of God’s creation. Not one is without it. Not one can live without such Love. It is the power beating each beat of your heart, breathing life into every breath you take. Each Holy Moment… so close, yet seemingly so far away. When you find it, you will know all your needs are met, for in it is the remembrance of ‘who you are’.
We speak of this Holy Moment now. It is a portal into the full presence of Love. We hold this portal out to you now. We welcome you to step though it. It is your doorway to total freedom. Will you step out of yesterday’s worries and tomorrow’s wishes and live in the moment of the eternal now? Would you, could you allow the Holy Moment to be all that it is for a moment and feel the dance of Divinity in your heart?