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As in Heaven, So on Earth . . .
Posted on September 30, 2014 by Raj

Dear friends,

It is the Father’s Will that His Sons and Daughters not suffer the illusions of sin, sickness and death. It is the Father’s Will that healing and correction of all inequities be experienced here and now, not after you die. It is the Father’s Will that Holy books not be construed, in the name of God, to justify the ungodly, the terrifying, the destructiveness, or that which is terminal or debilitating in the human condition.

A Course in Miracles is no exception! Which means, for instance, that to become fixated on the idea of gently laying the body aside because it isn’t real, or quietly yielding to a terminal disease because “I am not a body, and the whole thing is an illusion,” is as violent a way of laying the body aside as beheading. There is nothing holy about it, and it is just as evil.

A Course in Miracles does not promote careless spiritual fantasies which sweetly allow the violation of God’s allness without objection or correction, while suggesting that the real healing is to succeed at not being bothered by the violation! Such insane concepts are also evil!

What does the Prayer say?

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy Will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Why does it say that? Because earth is heaven — misperceived — and the Prayer keeps you grounded by bringing your attention to where God’s Will is hidden . . . behind your misperceptions. To look at the world and deny it reality, to see it as something inherently flawed, something to rise above and gladly lay your body aside to get beyond, does violence to it, and any chance there is of Awakening!

It is like saying, “I will not look into my brother’s eyes and remember God.” “I will not look into the flower, the sky, the stars and remember God, and I will not look at my own two hands and acknowledge them as the place where the Father’s extension of Love can be expressed.” If you do that, you become the agent which magnifies and worships the unconsciousness of God.

The goal of the Course is your Awakening. It accomplishes its goal by promoting your willingness to recognize the means by which you consciously and unconsciously defend yourself against your holiness, and your brothers against theirs. And then it engages you in changing your mind.

You are here to see the end of terrorism, beheadings, killings in the street, and not avoid the part you play in ending them. You are to be the agents for change. As well, you are to be the ones who do not use your terminal illnesses as the excuse for not having to do the work — the sometimes major internal changing of your mind which brings about healing — even though you feel “it’s so much easier to die.”

I understand that some of you, as a result of your reasoning, will not allow for correction where correction is called for because you choose to think the Course says the body is an illusion rather than your perception, and therefore correction is impossible. You choose to think it says there isn’t really a body there — certainly not one worthy of your unconditional willingness to be wrong and actually invite, without reservation, the remembrance and experience of God right there. But that is exactly what’s needed!

You are here to stop being the unwitting godless terrorist who, in secret and through the faulty use of reason, does not raise his hand in objection, allowing his own death while feeling superior to the man who stands on the world stage and remorselessly beheads a fellow human being.

Am I being heavy-handed here? If you realized that your refusal to recognize the fullness of God in each and every thing creates the experience of a meaningless world where barbarism, terrorism and random killing can be justifiable to someone . . . not to mention sin, sickness, death and an outrageous willingness to lay the body gently aside instead of healing it. . . you would agree with the very clear language I am using.

If I do not speak clearly about this, if you do not see sin, disease and death as calls for correction, you will not, for whatever misguided reasons, challenge them . . . and there is nothing passive about such inaction. It is an authoritative act of refusing to see the more of what God is being there than what you’re currently seeing, and refusing to let your mind be illuminated by the Father’s perspective. It is you, willing to be unconscious of it.”

That is the only meaning the word “evil” has, and that is what the line in The Prayer reverses:

“Thy Will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.”

If you are going to be offended by the godless acts of others, then be offended when they occur in you and don’t tolerate sin, sickness or death at your own hand [by your own mind]. Demand correction, real correction, visible measurable correction — God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven.

Remember, every act you engage in by yourself is the godless act of one who can see only a godless world. Why? Because God’s Vision hasn’t been invited in, embraced, or committed to. But when It is invited in, when one engages in the holy instant, one’s experience of the world begins to change, soften, fill with the warmth of love . . . and healing begins. Divine perspective returns and one engages in breaking the mental habit which had secured suffering. And, yes, there is only one habit to be broken: Thinking!

You know the difference between thinking and listening. Thinking is a purposely disengaged private self-assertive experience. Listening, on the other hand, involves an extending of one’s attention for the purpose of involvement, embrace — joining again and maintaining the involvement. To listen for the Holy Spirit is called the holy instant, the bridge from illusion to reality. And it is ultimately a matter of deferring to the Voice for Truth permanently.

The holy instant is the singular gift of A Course in Miracles. It is the midnight star that the Wise Students give their attention to on their “journey” Home. And whether anyone else is teaching it or not, I will ceaselessly point to its Light, while reminding you that it brings correction where correction is needed — “as in heaven, so on earth!”

Kingston, Washington
September 30th, 2014