Your Path To God

Your path to peace and the peace of mind that everyone seeks in their ultimate dream come true is only found within the Will of God.  Yet what is this Will? How is it found?  How is it heard so that the path is sure and steady?

Every road you discover adds another stone to the foundation path of experience that ultimately leads to the heart of Divinity.  Though there are multiple religions, there is only One Truth.  Though there are numerous thoughts on God, there is but One Love.  It is this Eternal Love that holds the thoughts out to you that makes your way sure.  You simply cannot fail.  Your final destination will also be your beginning point.  For the Creator’s thoughts, are the ones that will help you begin again.  Only this and no other.  Not the masters, not the churches, not your lovers, nor any other, only God’s.  However, each teacher you find along the way serves a divine purpose as a guidepost and a means to the end point.

It is I, the Father, the Mother within, that moves through all true teachers.   They have offered their lives, their thoughts, to work in harmony with mine.  Yet, they too had to make a choice to walk in the thoughts I offer them. This is their path we walk together.  This is your path that I walk with you, if you so choose. For we are all of the One Mind, the One Heart, the One Life of the Creator.  He/She, We, You are in essence, the offspring of the one begotten son.  We walk together in the one thought of The Universal Mind. It moves though us as it now moves through you.  The only difference is the awareness of it.

Choose your path and walk it. God’s voice, Her Love, His life, the answers are found for all who take an instant but to sincerely look for them.  Thus the question is not, will you once again find your full awareness of The Light within, but only when?  When will you choose to find it and fully embrace it?  This is all.  This is the only question of Life that begs to be answered in your life. For in the end, accepting Spirit’s thoughts for you will become your final destination.

Happy is the Child of God who walks the path of Love’s Thoughts.  Happy is She who decides to return home to the Source.  The Time is Here and Now.  Happy are those who join in the vision of Heaven’s essence permeating this moment, right here and right now.  Happy you are when you have activated the Light within your starship body and are flying with the purpose of why you are here.

Thus we say: walk the paths you are so moved to walk, be that of any religion.  The Light will always shine your way.  The only key you need is your intention.  For when you activate your engine of intention within your starship vehicle of life, you awaken the physical body and it becomes the dancer of your messenger back home to the awareness of the Love of God. Follow your Heart… it too is called your feelings.  When the direction you walk is sure, so too will be your feelings.  Yet, listen to when your feelings serve you with alarm and hesitation… for they are telling you the stones beneath your feet are no longer steady…and perhaps it is time to change directions?

Now is the time to be your own authority, standing in and on your own path, your own way.  Making your own choices for your walk.  Now is the time for faith in your Father.  Now is the time to ask for Divine Mother’s guidance and sure direction.  Now is the time for transformation.  Perhaps your lessons here have evolved to a higher path, an overpass highway to deeper and greater enlightenment.  Trust your feelings and The Light within will guide you.  Your angels, your guides within, will assist you. A sk and you will receive… and be certain you will know the way.  Then trust!  The outcome is assured.

Now go my child, our brother, dear sister.  We, The Supreme Being, your spiritual path leader, your holy light within, all celebrate together as you dance your way home.  We join with you in your intentions to return home.  We join with you as your path quickens.  We join with you as you release all the thoughts of the past and the future, accepting only those thoughts Spirit holds out to you, right now and in each moment from here and throughout eternity. Go forth, knowing your path is sure and steady.

Ask us and we will help. But first you must ask or else we simply stand in honor of witnessing your process as you wander, wonder and discover those things you do not want… that you think contain peace, that you cling to in hopes of finding fulfillment and that you think might finally be the answers to your problems.  Yes, we honor all, as we know it all serves you in remembering what you already know… The One Path To God Is Within Your Mind… it is the thoughts you think with Him.  It is the choices you make with Her Love in mind. It is the Blessings that these bring as you return to knowing that there is only One Mind, One Love, One Peace, One Life, and it is this that you seek to remember… to awaken to, to become a part of again, as sure as the word sure can be…We honor all roads in recognition that all paths lead and spiral back home to The Light.

And So It Is…

We walk with you always…

You Are As Divinity Created You!

In Love’s Light We Remain,

Your Brothers and Sisters of the Heavenly Realm of Oneness…

The Celestial Realm